How to Promote Explainer Videos

In present days, people, companies and new businesses are using a different way to catch clients: Explainer videos. Thanks to these videos, companies have another way to explain what they want to sell or what their services are. Although it might be a little simple, explainer videos have a lot to offer: Fun, professionalism, characters, voices and stories. With all that, explainer videos will create a new concept of an idea and will catch easily the attention of any client which looks for a better information about certain products.

Currently, there are many companies which are using these types of videos. So, if you are new how your explainer video will become visited? There are some tips or recommendation of how to promote your explainer video:

  • 1. First, add it to the email signature. If you add the link on the signature, the video will be in every email you and your company sends.
  • 2. Create supporting material. For those who will watch the video, it is important to give them an infographic where they will find more details about the content and the story.
  • 3. Use your social network. To promote your explainer video, it would be necessary to go beyond the normal clients; it is important to share the video with all the contacts you might have. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube could be useful networks.
  • 4. Write descriptions and be social. The more views it gets your video, the more credibility it would get. Let people know how your product or service will help them.
  • 5. Create a title. Your explainer video should have a title containing keywords, but not only a list of them. However, it is important adding some keywords in the description so the video could have more entries and even more viewers.