Why Is The Game Called Blackjack?

Even if you’re not a gambling enthusiast, there’s a good chance that you’ve heard of the game called “Blackjack“. Most people probably even know the extreme basics of how the game works, but there’s a good chance that the origin of the name is a mystery to many.

The objective of the card game known as Blackjack is to achieve a total of 21 with the combined total of the value of the cards you have been dealt.
You can use as many cards as you like to total 21, but ultimately, you want to do it with as few cards as possible. If you keep asking for more cards to try and make 21 and you go over, then you bust and the dealer wins. You can win with less than 21 as long as you hold a higher total than the dealer when the hand is finished.

The best way to make 21 with your hand is by being dealt what’s known as a two-card 21. Any ace along with another card that has a value of 10, like any face card or an actual 10 will give you a two-card 21, and you will have achieved “Blackjack”, the best hand in the game.

So, if you need 21, and you can make the best hand in the game without a “jack”, then how did it become known worldwide as “Blackjack”?

The original name of the game was “21“, as you might have guessed by reading the basic rules or maybe even from seeing the recent movie about Blackjack with Burt Reynolds called “21“.

The game originated in Europe as 21, and when it was introduced to America, it was very unpopular. In order to try and lure gamblers over to all the new 21 tables, the best online casinos started offering a 10:1 payout to anyone who could beat the dealer holding an ace of spades and a black jack (which could be wither spades or clubs). The game soon had a new nickname and this tactic helped make Blackjack popular in the casinos.

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